At the service of society

Federico Rota implemented Covid-19 protection measures early on.

At the beginning of March 2020, the world watched northern Italy spellbound as the coronavirus broke out for the first time in Europe. Federico Rota, Operations Manager in Turin, was right in the middle of it. Kuehne+Nagel operates a contract logistics site there for truck and bus spare parts. The operation had been classified as systemically important by the authorities. “The fact that we were able to deliver spare parts for ambulances, for example, made us proud,” says Federico. Nevertheless in the first few days, many colleagues were unsettled as home office is not possible in the warehouse. Therefore, stringent safety measures were implemented and work processes were redefined to ensure social distancing. The internal support and the good communication on site were decisive in order to be able to act quickly, Federico emphasises. Equally important was the open exchange with customers. “Apparently they were very satisfied with our work, because in the summer they extended the cooperation with Kuehne+Nagel.”