Acting Sustainably for Society


Environmental protection, social responsibility and integrity.

The transport of goods is responsible for around seven per cent of all global CO2 emissions and also contributes to climate change. As a leading global logistics company, Kuehne+Nagel embraces its responsibility to be part of the solution: since the end of 2020, the Company has been operating on a CO2 neutral basis in terms of its own direct emissions (Scope 1 and 2 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol) and is playing a pioneering role in the industry with its Net Zero Carbon programme.



As part of its Net Zero Carbon programme, Kuehne+Nagel has been CO2 neutral for its own, direct emissions since the end of 2020.


Now for the next goal: all of Kuehne+Nagel’s indirect emissions, i.e. all shipments by subcontractors such as airlines, shipping companies and road hauliers will be CO2 neutral by 2030 (Scope 3), which is less than ten years away. With this aim, Kuehne+Nagel is continuing to drive decarbonisation in the Company forward for its customers and ultimately to benefit the environment.

However, sustainability is much more than simply environmental protection. As a company operating on a global scale, Kuehne+Nagel bears a responsibility to society and is committed to integrity. Smart use of data and technology plays a crucial role here – for customers and for society.


The distribution centres are equipped with solar panels that correspond to a total area of 700,000 sqm – the size of around 100 football pitches.

Net Zero Carbon

The Net Zero Carbon programme was launched by Kuehne+Nagel in September 2019. The Company has set itself science-based climate targets as part of the Science-Based Targets initiative. The goal is to achieve a zero CO2 footprint by 2030 and contribute towards limiting global warming to well below 2° C. There are three areas of action within the Net Zero Carbon programme: visibility, avoiding and reducing as well as compensation of CO2 emissions.



Kuehne+Nagel has developed online solutions that show its customers how much CO2 their shipment produces. Big Data and prospective analysis can be used to offer innovative CO2 neutral solutions. The Seaexplorer online portal offers seafreight customers total transparency on CO2 emissions for every single ship throughout its sea journey, regardless of which shipping company is used.



Kuehne+Nagel is working closely with its subcontractors to reduce the CO2 emissions of customer shipments and ensure the sustainability of the entire supply chain. Kuehne+Nagel has been using 100% sustainable fuel on the Air France KLM Los Angeles – Amsterdam airfreight route since the beginning of 2021. The Company is an active partner in the UN Global Compact and supports the development of bio-fuels and synthetic fuels.


Despite all the efforts to reduce them, it is still not possible to cut 100% of CO2 emissions from shipments. For this reason, Kuehne+Nagel participates in nature-based offsetting projects around the world which remove CO2 from the atmosphere. These voluntary CO2 offsetting measures support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

More information is available in the Kuehne+Nagel Sustainability Report.