Sustainable business in 2020

About this report  GRI 102–10

This report covers Kuehne+Nagel’s global operations including activities occurring at all of our facilities, owned and leased, over which we have operational control unless otherwise noted. The scope of health and safety reporting includes facilities and operations over which Kuehne+Nagel has management control, including warehouses and offices.

Also acknowledged in this report are Kuehne+Nagel's sustainability activities and performances for the calendar year 2020. For more details please visit our Annual Report 2020, page 11.

Throughout the report, some historic data and information have been included to provide context and to illustrate performance trends. The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Index at the end of this report makes reference to the GRI Core standards fulfilled by Kuehne+Nagel.

In this report, for the first time, Kuehne+Nagel will include reporting on UN Global Compact (UNGC) 10 principles. Our Sustainability Report is our annual Communication on Progress report (COP) to the UN Global Compact, and it incorporates information on our sustainability activities according to the UN Global Compact Active Level criteria.

Kuehne+Nagel seeks external assurance of its direct greenhouse gas emissions (scope 1), indirect greenhouse gas emissions (scope 2), energy consumption and production, waste generation and water consumption from our company-owned sites.

In 2020, Kuehne+Nagel has decided to work with a new certification body. The external assurance, validation and certification were granted by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). Environmental data presented in this report have changed from prior disclosures due to changes of business operations, including mergers and acquisitions that concluded during the reporting year.

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