Business Case

Reefer re-positioning

Innovation/alternative technology to reduce CO2 emissions in Air/Road/Contract Logistics:

Saving carbon emissions during airfreight transportation
Decarbonisation of in-house fleet in France
Sustainable packaging

Developing matchback scenarios in the reefer segment

With so-called "matchback" scenarios for reefer transports, we increase transport productivity and reduce CO2 emissions by avoiding or reducing the repositioning of empty containers. Practicable solutions have already been developed here in close cooperation with selected carrier partners.

Providing full transparency with seaexplorer platform on emissions

Through our seaexplorer platform, we can also provide full transparency on all shipment-related emissions. The tool not only enables customers to optimise routes, but also to choose more sustainable transport routes that emit significantly less CO2.


with Kuehne+Nagel's Net Zero Carbon programme

For those emissions that cannot be eliminated or reduced, Kuehne+Nagel's Net Zero Carbon programme offers to offset the remaining CO2 footprint of all transports via verified Gold Standard compensations. In this way, a 100 per cent carbon neutral supply chain is guaranteed.