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Assimilating diversity and inclusion  GRI 405–1


At Kuehne+Nagel, we believe that we as a company have the responsibility to create a space where everyone feels welcome and important – where those who look, live, love, communicate, think, and lead differently are not merely tolerated; they are sought, appreciated and valued. This was also identified as a material topic in the materiality matrix in this report.


We are committed to delivering progress to society and drive our future – inclusively. This purpose is outlined in our internal Diversity and Inclusive policy, as well as in a global Diversity and Inclusive statement by the Management Board, dated September 2020.


In 2020 we further embarked on our diversity and inclusion journey that is called Balance+Belonging. While we started with raising awareness in 2019, we further enhanced our commitment with the introduction of our first Diversity and Inclusion policy and a strong commitment of the Kuehne+Nagel Management Board towards this topic. Anchoring diversity and inclusion as a fundamental value forms a solid foundation to empower our employees even more. We believe that with the creation of a truly diverse and inclusive workforce, we can achieve our goal of delivering customer excellence.

There has been a reduction of top management positions during 2020. This was essentially due to the merger of our two former Asian regions into one. We are proud to say that none of our top female managers have left the company, which allowed the increase of their representation in the overall top management to 5.6 per cent (from 4.9 per cent in 2019). We consider this a good sign that our Diversity and Inclusion efforts are bearing fruits. Our aim is to further increase the female leaders throughout our organisation.

total amount of female leaders amongst top management in per cent

Progress 2020

In terms of diversity and inclusion, Germany was the forerunner and has been able to complete in 2020 its first female Leadership Mentoring Programme with the strong support of the German Management Board. The 6-month self-nomination programme offers a platform for women and senior managers to share views on career development. During the mentoring sessions, the participants had the opportunity to reflect on personal challenges and coping strategies. The programme ended with a virtual “World Café” in which members of the German Board and mentees discussed how to break the glass ceiling. As a result, the internal “Female Leadership – Mentoring and Network” community has been created, supporting other female colleagues to achieve their professional goals.

Outlook 2021

We are progressing a diverse workforce and work environment, where all voices are welcome and growth is supported for all, which will contribute to making Kuehne+Nagel the best company to work for. It is our aim that Balance+Belonging is understood, practised, and promoted by all managers and Human Resources, to make all regions confident to drive diversity and inclusion programmes and to create a common practice for all our employees.

It is our goal to enhance diversity further in our global Top Management in 2021 and to extend our female Leadership Programmes such as the Mentoring Programme in Germany, the Pathway Initiative in Asia Pacific and the Women in Logistics Leadership (WILL) programme in North America.

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