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Confidential reporting and allegation management


Kuehne+Nagel employees are encouraged to raise concerns over potential issues they may observe. Giving employees the ability to speak up can be established through managers or functions such as HR or Compliance. Employees can also speak up via the Kuehne+Nagel Confidential Reporting Line. Reports made are assessed by Kuehne+Nagel’s Independent Allegation Management Committee. Where necessary, professional and independent investigations are initiated to resolve concerns raised and remediation can be applied effectively. These procedures not only comply with laws and regulations, but will also help detect and resolve issues proactively that otherwise may result in an adverse effect on the Group, its stakeholders or its customers. Reporting any issues will help Kuehne+Nagel to solve them effectively and prevent re-occurrence. 


Effective operation of a confidential reporting line along with an allegation management process including but is not limited to availability, independence, professionalism and confidentiality. Accordingly, our Confidential Reporting Line, operated by an external service provider, is accessible 24/7 and allows for reports in more than 100 languages. Employees reporting concerns in good faith should not fear retaliation and will be under the protection of Kuehne+Nagel and local laws where applicable. However, knowingly providing false or misleading information may lead to disciplinary action.

The Independent Allegation Management Committee oversees handling and follow-up of reported allegations, thus ensuring consistent professional standards and procedures for enabling thorough independent investigations where needed. Cases with material impact on the Group are disclosed in annual audit reports and media releases, respectively.

Number of allegations reported:

cases in 2019

cases in 2020



Employees who become aware of issues or practices that may violate our Code of Conduct or laws are encouraged to report their concerns to managers or any person of trust. In addition, employees can make use of our confidential reporting line to report in a safe, confidential, and, if desired, anonymous manner.

Progress 2020

In 2020, 323 allegations were reported to the attention of the Independent Allegation Management Committee. For all cases, the committee instigated needed actions for investigation and remediation as needed. (SDGs 16.6, 16.7)


Display of reported allegations in the past 3 years