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Enforcing human rights  GRI 412-2, GRI 402


Kuehne+Nagel is firmly committed to value all human rights. Respecting and promoting human rights forms part of our mission to deliver progress to society. Human rights are moral principles that are inalienable. They are fundamental rights that every person is entitled to, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or any other status. Kuehne+Nagel opposes all violations and limitations of human rights and dignity.


Kuehne+Nagel is a company of integrity whose employees apply appropriate values and principles in their business activities. The Kuehne+Nagel Code of Conduct confirms our commitment to human rights and fair working conditions. We promote the development of a culture that fully supports and respects human rights. In addition, Kuehne+Nagel released its first Diversity and Inclusion Policy where human rights aspects are touched upon. See “Assimiliating diversity and inclusion” section.


All business activities to be delivered according to the commonly accepted principles of human rights and dignity.

The Kuehne+Nagel Code of Conduct describes our approach to human rights. The target for every year is to outline the company’s expectations regarding ethical behaviour and business principles; provide clear and consistent guidance to our employees; and reinforce the need for employees to seek advice. It includes the topics of employee practices, safeguarding people and assets, and business ethics.

per cent took part in the global Code of Conduct training (target is 95 per cent)

Progress 2020

Adherence to the Code of Conduct is mandatory for all leaders and is an integral part of their annual targets and performance review. Any misconduct leads to severe consequences such as the loss of the entire bonus entitlement and, depending on the severity of the misconduct, disciplinary action up to the termination of employment.

Our clear goal is to be 100 per cent compliant therefore, we have several measures and processes in place to reinforce adherence to the code of conduct:

  • Our Code of Conduct is a mandatory and integral part of the global induction programme for all new employees,
  • Ongoing training to increase awareness and knowledge about requirements towards the right behaviours,
  • Annual confirmation process for Code of Conduct monitored through a global online tool.