Measuring sustainability progress

Proper handling of goods  GRI 418–1


Kuehne+Nagel is making important efforts to expand its dangerous goods capabilities and further improving the safety of all operations, including hazardous materials.


The measures for continuous improvement of dangerous goods management within Kuehne+Nagel are not limited to transport activities. For Kuehne+Nagel the safe handling and storage of hazardous substances is equally important, and is often subject to complex national and local legislation.


The focus has been concentrated on the storage and road transport of dangerous goods in countries where international reference standards, such as the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR), are not implemented.

Progress 2020

The company launched the “Global DG Assessment Programme” which will also extend to the first half of 2021. With more than 50 countries participating, it is a very ambitious programme that, among others, includes the following core elements:

  • A thorough assessment of all applicable national and local laws,
  • Establishing a comprehensive training programme aligned with the national legislation or, where nonexistent, following international standards of the chemical industry and globally accepted good practices,
  • Teaming up with local industry experts, and international certification entities to develop an exhaustive and customized private training programme, where no suitable options are available from the local Government or on the market,
  • Appointment and expert-level training of a DG supervisor for each of the Kuehne+Nagel branches carrying out operations with hazardous substances or articles.              

Within the framework of the Global DG Assessment Programme, existing dangerous goods experts will be upgraded to the new training standards, while regular internal audits will be conducted to ensure full compliance.


Dangerous goods incident in 2020    GRI 306-3

In 2020, only one major incident involving hazardous goods was reported. Thanks to the swift intervention of employees with adequate training, any potential consequences for people, property or the environment were avoided.


dangerous goods
safety advisors

employees received function-specific or awareness training for dangerous goods

List of DG incidents 2020
Location Country Date Description Estimated spill cost in CHF Spill volume Damage to environment Damage to persons
Timisoara RO April 27 Spill from IBC to yard N/A 1,000 l No No