Measuring sustainability progress

Protecting labour rights  GRI 412-2, GRI 402


Kuehne+Nagel is committed to providing fair working conditions to every employee. These employee rights are embedded at every level of our organisational structure. This is also identified on the materiality matrix in this report as a material topic under fair treatment of workers.


As a company of integrity, Kuehne+Nagel is committed to fair working conditions in full compliance with all international and local labour rights. We strive to provide a fair and equitable work environment for every employee, with all business activities delivered according to the commonly accepted principles of Human Rights and Dignity.


Kuehne+Nagel is committed to further invest in employee relations by providing annual employee surveys; asking for employees’ feedback; and aiming to become an even better place for people to work and a better company for customers to do business with.

Progress 2020

In 2020, we conducted a comprehensive employee survey which also included our employees’ feedback on to what extent Kuehne+Nagel tolerates behaviour that discriminates against people on the basis of personal background or characteristics. This is a newly introduced measurement which will be acted upon, monitored and re-assessed. In 2020, less than six per cent of our employees feel that we can further improve our efforts. Our aim is to reduce this figure to below five per cent. We plan to achieve this with further focused training on diversity and inclusion. More information can be found under the section “Communicating with employees”.

Apart from the establishment of local worker’s representatives we have a longterm relationship with the European Worker's Council (EWC) as a European Body of co-determination. With the EWC we have achieved a level of cooperation and consulting above the legal requirements including regular meetings with the regional Management Boards and globally with our Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO).

More than
of all Kuehne+Nagel employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements, e.g. in Germany, France, Netherlands, Kenya, Korea, Australia. In many other countries, such collective bargaining bodies do not exist. In these instances, we adhere to national best practice and obtain salary data through third party providers, to ensure that our compensation offering is above market practice.. GRI 102-41


Human and labour rights in this report:
Many aspects of Kuehne+Nagel business are touched with human rights and labour rights topics. On the following pages of this report you can find our work on human rights and employee relations:

Code of Conduct
Employment must never be illegal and unfair. Kuehne+Nagel does not tolerate harassment and discrimination.

Net Zero Carbon programme
The right to live healthier and to provide a safer future for our new generations to come.

Fostering health and safety
The right to have the highest standards of safety and health and to feel safe in the working environment.

Liable Procurement
Human rights principles and standards related to equal treatment, child labour, forced labour, working hours, compensation, privacy, rest and leisure.

Employee relations
Human rights principles and standards related to labour, for example freedom of association and collective bargaining, equal treatment.  

Diversity and inclusion
The right to freedom from discrimination and the right to family life.